A quick glance at the book’s table of contents will give you a sense of the variety of situations in which I found myself and the range of stories I love to share.  Like parables, each of them offers a perspective on the most important threads that weave through our lives: birth and death, love and loss, faith and doubt, friendship and family…

Thanks again to the kindness of strangers, I told my stories on Connecticut Public Radio in a weekly series that ran for nearly a year, and I was a featured presenter at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival and the International Platform Association’s annual showcase. After publishing short articles about the trip in Sports Illustrated and Reader’s Digest, and receiving praise for my storytelling in The New York Times, I was tempted to become a full-time storyteller and writer.  I resisted the temptation, however, because I thought it might take decades to write the complete account of the trip in the depth that it deserved.  All these years, while happily occupied as a high school teacher and coach, I continued to work on the manuscript.

Now that it is finished, and I’ve begun the search for a publisher, I’m excited by the prospect of sharing my stories in person – or even remotely – at your school, college, library, church, club or business, glad to tailor my talk to the interests of your group.