Hi, I’m Charlie Bell.  In my mid-twenties, I decided to walk away from my job as a big-city computer salesman in order to follow my dream of becoming a world-class marathoner and seeing the United States on foot.  The short videos offer a few glimpses of what I saw and learned along the way, but the full story lies in my book, long/run.

Although the trip was a kaleidoscope of crazy adventures – involving hurricanes, blizzards, and a volcano;  churches, jail cells, and an outhouse;  drunken cowboys, suspicious cops, and an old woman with a flock of pet vultures; falling in love, getting injured, and facing death again and again – the heart of the journey was my encounters with thousands of strangers who befriended me, mile after mile and day after day.

While I hope you’ll enjoy the stories of America in long/run, I hope even more that you’ll be inspired to follow your own dreams, large or small, wherever they may lead you.  Good luck and godspeed.